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Service Packages


Full Service - $150 add a small parts estimate of $50

During a Full Service our tech wipes down the frame and wheels and then lubes the chain, airs the tires, checks all bolts and trues the wheels. Then they move on to brake and derailleur adjustments, hanger alignment and finish with the hub, bottom bracket and headset adjustments. Cables/housing and brake pads are replaced as needed. We encourage a fresh bar wrap so be ready to pick a new color! Our goal is to return to you a well tuned bike that looks and rides as well as possible. 

It is common during a Full Service for the chain and cassette to be replaced and can be done for an additional charge. Also, Tandems, E-Bikes and Cargo Bikes require more time to complete and have a higher Full Service price. Our service writers will give you a solid estimate for these specialty bikes. 

Safety Service - $80

The Safety Service is a very basic once over of your bicycle focusing on safety. It is not for all bicycles. The best candidates are lightly used modern bikes. We wipe down the frame, lube the chain, air the tires and do a bolt check. Brake and derailleurs are checked and minor adjustments made. Extra labor charges may apply and parts are extra.

Wheel Build - $100

Its a fact, bike mechanics love building wheels, it is a time when a Technician becomes an artist. Since we opened our store in 1994, we have been building custom wheels for racers, commuters and anyone in need of a superior wheel. Our wheel builds are hand built with DT Swiss spokes and nipples. We stand behind our hand built wheels with the pride of a craftsman. If you are curious about the advantages of a hand built wheel, come on by and chat with one of our mechanics. We'll convince you it's a good idea ;)