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Terms & Condtitions

Below is the terms and conditions renters must agree to before they can rent from Recycled Cycles. Insurance is a great way to avoid additional expenses if some unforeseen damage occurs.

Reservations: We strongly encourage advanced reservations made online. This ensures a bike will be available for you. If a reservation goes uncollected 24 hours after the agreed upon pick up time, the reservation will be forfeited so another customer can enjoy a bike ride.

Return: Unless you contact us, returns made after agreed upon return time/date may result in a $25 late fee per bike.

Usage: I assert that I understand that bicycling is a hazardous activity. I understand that the sport of bicycling and the use of this equipment involve a risk to any and all parts of the user’s body. I hereby agree to freely and expressly assume all risks and all injury to the user of the equipment while bicycling. I understand that bicycle protective gear such as helmets and gloves are recommended, but they do not eliminate the risk and may not reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Release: I agree that I will release Recycled Cycles from any and all responsibility of liability for injuries or damages to the user of the rented equipment or to another person. I agree not to make a claim against or sue Recycled Cycles for injuries relating to bicycling or the use of this equipment.

Damage: The equipment, at all times, remains the exclusive property of Recycled Cycles. The renter is responsible for damages to or loss of the equipment. If the equipment is lost, destroyed or beyond repair, the renter agrees to pay Recycled Cycles the retail value of the replacement bicycle or equipment. All repairs necessary as a result of the use of the equipment will be performed at normal labor rates and the renter shall pay the costs of such repairs including parts. Negligence or abuse of our property during the rental period is the liability of the renter at all times. Additional insurance does not cover theft, negligence or abuse of rented property.