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Kona Bike demo hosted by Recycled Cycles

On Saturday March 21st. Recycled Cycles is hosting The Kona Bicycle Co. for a Demo ride. We will have a selection of Process bikes as well others available. We will lead two rides the first at 11 and a second at 2. A rider day pass is required for this area. The link and more […]

It clicks when I pedal

On the way into work a few Saturdays ago I found myself  listening to "Car Talk" on NPR. It got me thinking about what a similar bike realted call in show would sound like. In reality, I think, it would be pretty dull. The reason being I feel like about half of the calls would be someone complaining about a clicking sound when they pedal. Usually just under increased torque (climbing, standing, etc). The guys on "Car Talk" might just suggest turning up your iPod, which would work.

However 95% of the time one of the follwoing needs to be tightened or greased:


-bottom bracket

-chainring bolts

-crank bolts

Some of these things require special tools to remove, inspect, and grease. However most of the time, the chainring bolts just use a 5mm hex wrench. They are also the most likely to be causing the noise, especially if they are the alloy chainring bolts that are very common on higher end cranksets. If  you have ten minutes, a 5mm hex wrench,  and some grease you can get working on eliminating that click. Pull each bolt in turn, grease the threads, and then grease the hole in the chainring that the bolt sits in.  Tighten down and you're ready to go. Now your iPod can be returned to a reasonable volume.

Brad Lewis Memorial Cyclocross Race

Cross at the Creek – the Brad Lewis Memorial Cyclocross Race Sunday, September 14, 2014 Swan Creek Park, Tacoma, WA Mens’ and Womens’ Elite payout: 1st – $150 | 2nd – $100 | 3rd, $50 Supported by: Recycled Cycles | Raleigh | Surefield | Nuun | Efflux Creations | Nikwax Dick’s | Herkimer Coffee | Narrows Brewing | Metro Parks Tacoma This is Race […]