Used Parts

Recycled Cycles has long been a source for hard-to-find parts and vintage items. Our inventory of used parts is constantly changing, new and old rare parts come in all the time. We do our best to be fair on both sides of the transaction; we value our customers that trust us with their old parts, as well as those looking to buy them. Some of our super rare gear ends up on eBay. Check us out, we go by "oldschoolbikers" and put lots of rare parts up for sale. 

The Trade-in Process

1) We offer store credit only as trade for your used parts or bikes. 

2) Quality is key: Old or heavily used parts don't usually carry very much value.

3) We cannot give you an estimate over the phone. Come by whenever we are open for a mechanics appraisal.

4) We do not accept destroyed parts or frames. The closest metal recycling station is The North Transfer Station

5) Clothing and other soft goods must be in Great Condition. Shoes must be in Excellent Condition.

Condition Guide

Come see our many bins and boxes of used parts.

Come see our many bins and boxes of used parts.

Obviously, the condition of used equipment can vary greatly, so to help make sense of what you're buying, we use the following guide to label gear:

  • 5 New Old Stock (unused). Generally does not include original packaging.

  • 4 Excellent Condition. Virtually unused or unblemished; functionally perfect.

  • 3 Great. Minor wear and/or minor blemishes, but functionally fine.

  • 2 Good. Moderate wear and/or moderate blemishes, but functionally fine.

  • 1 Fair. Significant wear and/or significant blemishes. Proportional functionality.

Your trust is a must, so we try to be as conservative as possible when "grading" a part. Of course, such grading is subjective, so if something interests you, don't hesitate to visit or call for more details.