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Repair Packages

We have a full service shop to meet your tune-up and repair needs. Along with our standard tune-up packages, we offer specialized repair work and carry a full line of parts to replace those that are frequently worn but not normally available second hand.


 NEW!  Wash & Lube

This great service is offered at the perfect time of year. If your bike is dirty from the daily commute or epic mud ride, let Recycled Cycles clean the bike for you.

  • Bike washed, drive train degreased, cleaned and lubed,

  • Nuts and bolts check for proper torque, all pivots lubed

  • Frame/fork inspected

  • Same day service

Price: $35


Performance & Safety Tune

 Our most popular repair package.

  • Brakes, Shifters and Derailleurs Adjusted and Lubed
  • Hubs, Headset and Bottom Bracket Adjusted
  • Wheels Trued
  • Nuts and Bolts Checked for Proper Torque
  • Brake Pads, Cables and Housing Replaced As Needed
  • Frame and Fork Inspected

Price: $75

Parts Estimate: $35


Drive Train Clean & Tune

Entire drive train of bike serviced.

  • Derailleurs, Pulleys, Crankset, Bottom Bracket (if Sealed; Loose Ball Incurs Additional Charge), Chainrings, Chain, Cassette/Freewheel Removed, Cleaned, Lubed, Reinstalled and Adjusted
  • Shift Cables and Housing Replaced As Needed
  • Frame/Fork Inspected

Price: $75

Parts Estimate: $35


Complete Clean & Tune

This is a Performance & Safety Tune and Drive Train Clean & Tune combined, plus the frame, fork and wheels are cleaned.

Price: $150

Parts Estimate: $50


Complete Overhaul

The most comprehensive of all our tune-ups.

  • Bike Completely Disassembled
  • Frame and Fork Inspected, Faced and Prepped for Parts Reinstallation
  • Hubs, Headset and Bottom Bracket Overhauled and Bearings Replaced
  • Cables and Housing Replaced
  • Wheels Trued
  • All Worn Parts Replaced
  • Handlebar Wrapped
  • Everything Cleaned, Lubed, Reinstalled and Adjusted, Including Accessories

Price: $250

Parts Estimate: $100


Pro Bike Build

 A build from a bare frameset with clean parts in good condition.

  • Frameset Prepared for Parts Installation
  • All Parts Installed and Adjusted
  • Cable and Housing Installed
  • Handlebar Wrapped

Price: $150

Parts Estimate: $75


Frame Swap

What to say? Frame swap!

  • Old Frameset Stripped of Parts
  • New Frameset Prepped for Parts Installation
  • Wheels Trued
  • Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket Overhauled As Needed
  • Worn Parts Replaced
  • Cables and Housing Replaced
  • Everything Cleaned, Lubed, Reinstalled and Adjusted, Including Accessories

Price: $200

Parts Estimate: $100


Shipped Bike Reassembled From Box

  •   Unpacked From Box and Reassembled
  • Performance & Safety Tune (In Some Cases Additional Work May Be Necessary)

Price: $90

Parts Estimate: $35


*Additional labor charges apply for additional work done or if bike is a tandem, recumbent, electric assist, or other non-standard configuration. Final estimate is left to mechanic’s discretion to create the safest and best working bike possible. Initial write-up is an estimate. If additional necessary parts and services exceed estimate by more than 20% customer approval is required.


Wheel Build

  • Hand Built with DT Swiss Spokes and Pro-Lock Brass Nipples
  • Stress Relieved and Properly Tensioned
  • Guaranteed For Life of the Rim