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Detailed Labor Rates


The service department and our mechanics are second to none. We have experience and knowledge to tackle almost anything. Below is an itemized menu of common repairs and the prices associated with them. Bear in mind that these are estimated prices and the mechanics set the final price. All repairs will be given a written estimate and estimated completion date when the repair is written up. Our service department can get quite busy in the summer months and slows down when the winter rain appears.


Shifters/Derailleur Installation & Repairs

STI/Ergo Install: $30 Each

Shifter Install: $20

Ergo Rebuild: $50 + Parts

Derailleur Install: $20

Cable/Housing Install: $15 Each

Derailleur Adjustment: $10

Flush/Lube Shifter: $15/Shifter

Derailleur Hanger Alignment: $15

Dropout Saver Install: $30


Brake Installation & Repairs

Brake Adjustment: $10

Brake Pad Install: $15/Pair

Cable/Housing Install: $15 Each

Brake Lever Install: $15 Each

Brake Caliper Install: $15/Brake

Mechanical Disc Brake Install: $20/Brake

Hydraulic Brake Install: $45/Brake

Brake Bleed: $30/Brake

Line Replacement: $45/Line


Shipping & Assembling of Bikes

New Bike build from box: $75

New Bike build from box PLUS: $100 includes 90 days of free adjustments

Boxing Bike for Shipping: $50

Shipping Cost for Bike: We recommend BikeFlights for shipping



Drivetrain Installation & Repairs

Chain Install: $10

Cassette/Freewheel Install: $10

Chain & Cass/FW Install: $15

Crankset & BB Replace: $30

Chainring(s) Install: $20

BB Adjustment: $15

BB Install (Cartridge): $20

BB Overhaul: $30

Helicoil Crankarm: $25


Frame/Fork Installations & Repairs

Face/Ream Headtube: $30         

Face & Chase BB: $30

Fork Install/Swap: $40   

Cut Steer Tube: $10  

Extend Steer Tube Threads (2” Max): $25/Inch

Cold Steel Frame: $60   

Press Headset Cups into Frame: $20

Headset Replace: $30

Headset Adjustment: $10           

Headset Overhaul: $30

Replace Flat/Rise Handlebar: $20

Replace Drop Handlebar: $30

Cut Handlebars: $10

Removable Faceplate Stem Replace: $15

Non-Removable Faceplate Stem Replace

(Including Bar Wrap): $30

Wrap Handlebars: $10

Fork Service: $60


Wheel Repairs & Tire Installation

Wheel True: $15

Spoke Replacement (Up to 3 Spokes): $25

Wheel Tension & True: $45

Hub Adjustment: $10

Front Hub Overhaul: $15

Rear Hub Overhaul: $25

Sealed Cartridge Bearing Replacement: $35

Tire/Tube Install: $8/Wheel

Unique/Unusual Tire/Tube Install: $15/Wheel

Glue Tubular: $75/Wheel

Tubeless Install: $15/ Wheel


Accessory Installation Charges

Clip-On Fender Install: $10

Standard Fender Install: $20

ReachAround/PDW Fender Install: $40

Boutique Metal Fender Install: $60

Wireless Computer Install: $10

Wired Computer Install (Without Cadence): $20

Wired Computer Install (With Cadence): $30

Rack Install: $15