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The purpose of this class is to provide students with a basic yet thorough understanding of the parts and workings of their bicycle. Students need no prior knowledge before taking the class though a basic understanding is recommended. Through a combination of lecture and hands on shop time we will familiarize students with the form and function of their bikes in the attempt to give them a base of knowledge from which to build any future mechanical endeavors. Much of bike maintenance is understanding how and why bicycle components work; by knowing how and why they work the way they do, it is much easier to recognize and solve most issues. The required text for the class is the Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair (3rd edition), available for purchase at the shop. The book has a lot of good step-by-step instructions and large color photos and diagrams which are easy to follow at home. Based around the book and in combination with real world experience, we hope to give students a well rounded educational experience.

Class Schedule:

  1. Hubs and Headsets: Types, individual components as well as replacement, overhaul, and adjustment.
  2. Drivetrain: Different parts as well as removal and installation. This includes a history of bottom brackets: cottered to BB30 in 7 minutes flat.
  3. Wheels: Theory, function, and basic truing principles.
  4. Brakes: Types, adjustment, replacement of pads.
  5. Shifters and Derailleurs: Types, adjustment, compatibility, and how the H and L screws affect you.
  6. BYOB (Bring your own bike): Using the skills learned in the previous classes, students are encouraged to bring in their own bike to use shop tools to remedy any nagging issues.

We attempt to dispense as much information as possible in the approximately 12 hours of class time while at the same time catering to the interests of the students in the class. Generally speaking, the more students participate, the more they get out of the class.

Cost:175.00. Class Limit 10                 Questions?